Thursday, January 19, 2012

welcome to blog Mrs. Nash, ahem...

Oh gosh, I'm kinda shy....but thanks for the warm welcome to the blog world. There is so much i want to say hmmm.....its late though and i must get up early, nurse my baby, get his b-fast ready, wake up his daddy, head out the door to meet my dear friend for the carpool, actually get to work, work, run 3.1 miles and do 10 burpies on my lunchbreak, shower, head back to work, get back in the carpool, pick my son up from daycare(most treasured part of the day), then head to my parents for supper, the go the the book study group for "finding the hero in your hubby", then go back to my parents, then have my mom teach me how to crochet, then go to then wake up early for a day full of shopping in Rochester!
do you see why exhaustion has already set in? Or maybe not, maybe your days are more hectic?
Anyway...i have LOTS to say. i promise i have started a list and its getting long. I want to blog about my struggles in balances life as a working outside of home mom, how my God saved me from death and a lost life, how HE restored my....everything...., how He promised me JEWELS, how HE has given me one-my diamond just as he promised, how i wait patiently for my rubies saphires and emralds,  how adoption has touched my life is a personal way, how i pray adoption beautifies my family with more jewels, how pumping at work is a REAL struggle, how I struggled with my milk supply but how i have stayed strong and Leo is 9 mo and 7 days and still exclusively breastfed, how Leo's natural childbirth showed me God-my strength-and how it was the most alive i have ever felt, how i am i ran two marathons and now struggle to run 4 miles(weird), how i found some long lost cousins i never knew i had that lived 3 miles from me my whole life, How the book Kisses from Katie rocked my world and convicted me of my blackberry and love others, how i love green living and strive to be as green as my dear friend Ruth Ann, ok....and theres more, lots more.

So blogs to come I promise, please follow and always let me know your thoughts.



  1. YAY! So happy you have joined the blog world! :) Love you much, miss Manda!

  2. Hey Chelsea!!! Soon to be Mrs. CARR:) How do i follow you?

  3. :) welcome!!!!!!! go to Bug/s blog & top left it says... "follow" :)

  4. Hello! new follower here :) Follow me back? :) AND