Saturday, December 1, 2012

A post for Corrine...a real life orphan

A post for Corrine...a real life orphan.

Isn't she just the sweetest 
with that smile!

So, if you haven't read my last post go the last post from 10/29/12 and then come back :) IF you have, thank you to those of you who have pledged money toward Corrine's grant fund, prayed for her safety and that she may find a family, and several of you shared the info which connected me to others I didn't know that pledged to help!

So here is the break down of what we raised together! I ran 70 total miles in the month of November(National Adoption Month). So that mean 25 cents for each mile X 70 equals $17.50 per person that pledged! With 11 people pledging the miles amount, 1 person committing to $50, and another person(that I don't even know!)that sent me $100 check~~~~that equals a grand total 


Can you believe that?!!? Together we can barley do anything but with about 15 people giving a little

I keep praying that someone will see the tremendous thought, care, and love that God put into creating her! Please join me in this prayer for her tonight...

Blessing report! The following children have been connected with REAL-FOREVER families in one month!!

TABATHA-you may remember I posted her picture as a waiting child on my blog! I am so in love with her smile and beyond overjoyed she will have a home by 2013!! PTL!
Tabitha  15H

SunnyFionaEllison 8W              AutumnSabrinaArchie 3F

Isn't that amazing! All these children found homes in one month!
But I want to post some pictures of children still waiting,
children who will just keep...


Harley, just turned 1 and had no one to celebrate the most special birthday 

Canton, turned one all by himself

Cassian, just 7 months old 

Marina, 4 yrs old. Her picture is posted on my bathroom mirror and in my office, so that I remember to pray for her everyday. She has a $4,000 grant to assist with her adoption fees...
Isn't she the sweetest!
I just love her!

Valery, transferred to an adult mental institution... because she turned FIVE years old...
 Someone please choose her....

All these children and faces can be overwhelming but its like what Mother Teresa said,
"If you cant feed 100, just feed ONE"

You know the story of the starfish....

So here is how you can donate your pledge and please if you are new to the challenge and want to donate JOIN IN! 

1.)The easiest way is on-line and is tax-deductible! Click HERE scroll down and find CORRINE 15H. Now, You can donate what you have committed to, the $17.50 directly do her or you can buy an ornament with her picture on it for $35. $30 of which goes to her and $5 for the cost of the ornament. Really, any small or large amount makes the difference to a waiting child!

2.) If you are not tech savey or dont feel you want to donate on-line. You can message me and I will give you my address that you can send a check made of to REESE'S RAINBOW and in the subject line write CORRINE and I will mail it for you! Or you could mail it directly to Reese's Rainbow with the address on their site just be sure to put CORRINE's name on it! 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE--remember to donate if you pledged! Comment below or text me when you have done this!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

I cant wait to see her fund grow to over $1,000!



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