Monday, March 19, 2012

Top 11 reason why I am not ready for BABY #2

So now that Leo is rounding the corner of 3rd base headed for his first HOME RUN-a.k.a the 1st Birthday....people only have 1 question, "So ya ready for baby #2?"

My response as i tweeted some days back, and I quote, 
"People ask if I'm ready for Baby #2 and i straight up laugh in their face!"

Before you read, i would preface this with the understanding I LOVEEEEEE my little jewel more than my own life and not a single one of these are complaints about my Lion Cub, they are simply reason why he will be an only child for a while:) I LOVED being pregnant. I LOVED giving birth and get excited at the thought of giving birth again. I LOVED my fresh little newborn boy. But I worry that if I have another baby time will move faster than the lighting speed rate it has jetted through in this last year:'(

So here they are....

11. Last week i realized I put my underwear on inside out 3 times...think im joking and that no one is that stupid-THIS GIRL!!!

10. I cant mentally bare again the debilitating guilt of returning to work again. It was and still is literally crushing, like someways i still physically feel actual pain that I am not raising my own son full time.....(sigh)

9. Paying for full time daycare-enough said.

8. My sister ASHLEY BARCLAY is giving me a niece!! So we will have a baby to love on!!!! A GIRL BABY:) My BFF JAMIE LEA BURKS is having a baby to love on this fall!!!! My friend MEGHAN MALLORY is having BABY GIRL! see! with all these new babies we are good to go for a while!

7. I need a break from pumping. Not a break from nursing. From PUMPING. Its so worth it and im glad i have made it this far....but lets give the GIRLS a break!!

6. Time! Where do momma's of more than 1 baby find time????? What if i am nursing the new baby but my big boy Leo needs a hug, some love, a pickle, a crayon on the top shelf, a diaper change?? this scares me to my insides and then makes my brain hurt!

5. Refering to this previous post The Enemy Strikes , Yep....i still look in amazement that i cant ever find time to do my hair! When would i ever have the time with 2 kids??

4. How would the Nash family make it through church? Right now I have to leave most services and am only there for the worship and end singing. Yo-church leaders: you get us momma's a CRY ROOM and i might consider baby #2~~~~~~~hahahahahaa

3. Having 2 kids in diapers is exclusively for crazy people....yes i am friends with LOTS of crazies ya'll!!!!

2. I like that Leo sleeps 12 hours at night! I cant go back to the waking every 2 hours!



But really...with this lil face....My cup runneth OVA!!!!! 

Only Uncle Gary gets smiles like these!

Here comes the Birthday BOY!

Tippin the hat just right....
who am I kidding, he was ripping it OFF his head!!
Nash boys make this life sweeter 


**PTL for HIS many Blessings!**

Happy Monday-
Love Manda


  1. ok amanda this blog post is about as honest and awesome as it gets!!!
    I totally get you and i remember when people asked me when i would be ready to have another one when i had TWINS!! and they were only 10months..crazies i tell you. But seriously in time you and your hubby will know when its right to add to your beautiful family! I love you amanda and i think your wonderful mama!!

  2. MANDA.... I LOVED THIS POST. And just like Christy said - you really ARE SO HONEST. It is just so refreshing!! I love that you don't have anything to hide & you are so open with people. But you do it with such poise & grace. Does that make sense???? You are just YOU. And I love that about you! It's always been one of my favorite things! Like..... when you did that ONE thing in the DR..... ;) (text me if you have no idea what I'm talking about!) LOLOLOL. But you didn't hide who you were then - and you don't now! And I love you for that! I can't wait for you to have more cuties like Leo! All in HIS perfect timing. :) XOXO! Love you!!!!!!

  3. Your little Leo is so cute! What a great Mama you are! You know what to do for your family, God will lead. :)

  4. LOVED THIS! I was just basically laughing through it all.. b/c HERE I AM!!! By the time Eliza's 1st b-day was rolling around.. we were already talking about baby #2!! Hahahaha and Yes. I'm one of the CRAZIES!!! :) Love you lots!!!! Can't wait until the day you get prego again and we get to see what that one looks like! Such a cutie Leo is! :)